Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule a session?
We utilize the convenience of online scheduling. Please visit our Services page for an overview of what we do, including links to purchase your wellness package and schedule your session.
How long is my session?
Appointments vary in length, depending on which service you have scheduled. The Initial Evaluation is a 75 minute session.  Follow Up sessions are 45 or 30 minutes.
What are the prices of each session?
Since we utilize a bioindividual approach, tailored packages are available, with varying prices. Please visit the Services page for details.
How do we meet for each session?
Sessions are held via phone or Zoom video session. You may choose which one when booking your session.
What is Functional Nutrition?
Functional Nutrition seeks to understand the person as a whole, to best support them on their path to wellness. Functional nutrition lab tests are utilized in addition to a complete health history and client intake interview. Life experiences, environmental surroundings both past and present, family and intimate relationships both past and present, experiences with food over the lifetime, and even their birth experiece all come into play when utilizing functional nutrition as a tool to support wellness.
Do you accept health insurance?
No. We are unable to accept health insurance because we are not a medical provider. Using functional nutrition to support wellness is an alternative and holistic service. No medical claims are made. We do not treat, diagnose, nor cure any condition. Please see your qualified medical practitioner for medical care.
What is the RESTART Program?
The RESTART Program is a 5 week, small-group program led by a licensed RESTART Instructor, which combines nutritional education and a guided sugar-detox to kick start your new, healthy lifestyle. We meet once a week, for approximately an hour and a half. It is a five week program. Attendance is extremely important for your success. Please ensure you are able to attend all 5 sessions before signing up for RESTART.
May I use my FSA card for payment?
Please check with your service provider to see if holistic nutrition services are eligible for utilization of FSA funds.
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